Top 10 Best Split AC (Air Conditioners) In India 2019 [Updated]

Are you willing to keep out from the heat this summer? Purchasing an Air conditioner would be the perfect idea to get a better time in your home. But, if you are certainly looking to do so, purchasing any random Split AC in India would not do it for you. There are several factors which you need to keep in mind including the conditions to buy the best split air conditioner in India. With our guide, we present to you the top-selling ACs that are available on the market today. You can choose the best air conditioner in India from here! Hope, our Split AC reviews helped you in deciding whether it is good for you or not.

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  • Best Split AC Buying Guide (FAQs)
    • How do I know what size to buy for my home?
    • Which air conditioner is the most energy efficient?
    • Should I buy a Split AC or a Window AC?
    • What is an Inverter AC?
    • Do I have to necessarily buy a voltage stabilizer when I buy an AC?
    • How often should the filters be cleaned?
    • Can I use perfumes with my air conditioner?
    • How can one maximize the AC output in the room?
    • Which Is The Best AC Brand In India?
  • Top 10 Best Split AC In India 2018
    • 10. Samsung AT12MC3JAMC 1 Ton Split AC Review
    • 9. Kenstar KSZ35 WS1-MDA 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner
    • 8. Carrier Esko 12K 1 Ton Split AC Review
    • 7. Voltas 185JY 1.5 Ton Split AC India
    • 6. Blue Star 5HW18ZARTX 1.5 Ton AC Review
    • 5. Whirlpool Fantasia 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC
    • 4. Hitachi Neo 5200F RAU518HWDD 1.5 Ton
    • 3. O General ASGA18FTTA-1.5 Hyper Tropical Split AC
    • 2. LG JS-Q18AFXD Dual Inverter Split AC
    • 1. Voltas SAC 173IY 1.4 Ton Split AC Review
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Best Split AC Buying Guide (FAQs)

These are common questions one should ask themselves before buying An air conditioner for their home.

How do I know what size to buy for my home?

Purchasing Split Air conditioners is never an easy job to ask for. Now of the most important things to consider is the efficiency of the Split Air conditioner. Typically, you must know that the best split ac in India ranks itself according to the BTU it Provides. BTU is also the British Thermal Unit. There are several factors which you must consider along with BTU, capacity ratings and the top capacity of indoor and also the outdoor units. The general BTU of best split ac in India ranges from 9000 to 30000. If the room size is large, consider buying a larger Split Air Conditioner.

Which air conditioner is the most energy efficient?

Energy Star is also another factor to consider while purchasing the Split Air Conditioners in India! Recently, all the Air Conditioners are going through updates in the Energy conveyance. A lot also depends on the split ac capacity along with the Energy Star Program of the manufacturers. Each of the different brands has their own metric measurements and come to a conclusion of Energy Stars. The best air conditioner in India can place the Energy efficient ratings according to the measurements they consider. However, ACs with higher BTU would generally mean that theyconsume more energy.

Should I buy a Split AC or a Window AC?

There are different features for purchasing a Split AC or even a Window AC.  If you consider a room of around 200 sq. ft, picking up an ideal Air conditioner would be great. Split AC is also good for compatible small rooms. This generally means Window AC is more compatible with the larger size of rooms. However, if you consider the advantages, the Split AC certainly has some of them to fulfill the needs. A best Split AC would certainly be silent and would also have a good response. Also, Split ACs re much cleaner and hygienic to use at the same time. If you consider a Split ACs, it has a compressor unit outside and an indoor unit.

What is an Inverter AC?

The Inverter technology is certainly a new factor to consider and it brings out a new factor to the present day life. Generally, most of the Split AC in India does have a compressor in the outdoor unit. The compressor runs generally at a fixed speed. This also depends on the temperature set. Now consider an automatic AC machine that thinks and changes the compressor speed automatically. This is the inverter technology that changes the compressor speed along with the frequency change. This certainly means that an Inverter 1.5 Ton Split AC can actually reduce the speed and capacity to 1 Ton.

Do I have to necessarily buy a voltage stabilizer when I buy an AC?

One can easily get to know that if you are willing to purchase a new Split AC, you must have the idea to pay more electricity bills. But it is not about the Electricity Bills only. The compressor present in the outdoor unit works within a potential difference of 190 V to 240V. However, there are also many parts in the city and rural areas where a voltage is lower than 190V; you must require a good Voltage Stabilizer to maintain the voltage of the home. If you have more than one AC in your home, then you must buy a Voltage Stabilizer in order to receive stability in a current.

How often should the filters be cleaned?

Filters in the best Split AC are also one of the most important part that you consider before purchase. Certainly, the level of pollution is increasing and it is never safe to in hell smoke even from outside or within your home. Also, keeping your Split AC clean would mean that you are presenting yourself a clean and fresh air. Thus, it is very important to clean the filters sometimes. All that you need to do is to clean the filters in a frequency of 15 days. However, try to opt for a periodic service for the AC in about 3-4 months. This keeps the AC clean and also provides a good service.

Can I use perfumes with my air conditioner?

While perfumes do create a good atmosphere, they should be used cautiously as some people can be allergic to them. The best way to keep the foul smell out is to open windows and use fans to bring in a lot of fresh air before the AC is started. Keeping the AC room clean is also equally important. Thus a person using the perfume might just opt for different opportunities. However, you can also opt for room fresheners if you want to get a real value for your AC. This certainly makes the air conditioner to be good to use at the same time. You can opt for cleaning the AC at a regular interval for better results.

How can one maximize the AC output in the room?

Once installed, the AC needs fresh air to work efficiently, so one needs to ensure that the outdoor unit is not blocked. Also, the moisture from the room, collected as water, needs to be drained out properly. The outdoor unit should be made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. Providing curtains/blinds/sun film on windows reduces heat input into the room. Protecting the AC from direct sunlight can boost its efficiency by almost 5%. Also, a false ceiling or insulating the ceiling reduces heat input in the room. The filter should be easily accessible so that it can be removed and cleaned regularly as an unclean filter obstructs optimal cooling as well as increases energy consumption by 10%.

Which Is The Best AC Brand In India?

You should ask this question to yourself because in India Brand matters a lot not to show off but for service factor as well. Presently Voltas is the brand with the best price in range Split ACs.

Daikin Split ac is best for its cooling power.

Panasonic is the best because of its Outer unit Which is one of the best available in the market right now.

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Top 10 Best Split AC In India 2018

Let’s take a look here are top 10 Split AC reviews along with pros and cons to find out which one is better for your home or office.

10. Samsung AT12MC3JAMC 1 Ton Split AC Review


Like many other companies, Samsung has also updated its entire range of ACs this year and this 1 ton AC comes with best of Samsung’s tech.

To keep you from scorching heat, the AC lets you cool the room down really quickly, while it can also keep the humidity under check during the monsoon season.

This is a 3-star rated AC and consumes not much electricity when compared to other AC with similar specs in this range. A capacity of 1 ton is enough for smaller rooms and you will get great results in terms of cooling and dehumidification.

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